Weekly Swipe file


The Swipe file is an opportunity for me to share great web ideas I’ve encountered during the week, and to explain how these ideas could be used as inspiration for our own content.

This week’s Swipe file contains five items. Two of them are great reads, and three of them feature some impressive innovation.

Three Easy Ways to Expand Your Creativity

This was a recent post by Chris Garrett over at CopyBlogger. The article posits three thought-provoking ways to get more creative.

I think this is an area of content creation that isn’t discussed enough. As webmasters and bloggers part of what we do is creating new forms of content on a regular basis — something that requires a lot of creativity. Unlike journalists, there is no formula to follow.

Reviving Anorexic Web Writing

This crisply written piece by Amber Simmons covers web writing, alt text in images, and the oft neglected footer. The overall message is to care about every word you write — something I couldn’t agree with more. It’s a longish article so make yourself a cup of coffee and tackle it when you have some time to sit down and relax.

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

Alan predicts the future in a world without humans, With billions of years at our fingertips, the details unfold at a pace we control.

I’m not suggesting that you put days of research into such a project, or that you learn Flash animation — but I do think that our predictions for the future could be interesting content. What do you think your topic will look like in five, twenty-five, or fifty years? What will happen in the meantime? How will it evolve? What will we do differently?

Five Years Worth of Boing Boing Posts in One File

One large file, at that. There’s something undeniably valuable about having so much information in your possession. If your blog or website has six months, a year, or more to its name, consider wrapping up your collected efforts and presenting it to your readers in one package (or, more accurately, one .PDF). It offers a different experience to simply trawling through the archives because the content becomes theirs to keep.

If the Simpsons Had Blogs

I know this is a significant change in tone from the other items in this week’s Swipe file, but I think it’s very much worth a mention. Bloggrrl takes the current Simpsons mania and makes it relevant to her niche. Predictably, the post has been very popular.

I can see how the formula could be adapted to any niche. Ask yourself: What are people talking about at the moment? What’s taking the nation by storm? How can I link that to my topic?

The results will seem like an unusual fit, but that’s what will make the resulting content unique. Sci-fi author Neil Gaiman says he gets many of his best ideas by combining two things that usually don’t go together and dreaming up the results.

Last Week’s Swipe file

For those who missed it. I explain why I’m calling this a Swipe file, offer four innovative content ideas, and introduce the place I bookmark interesting content during the week — the Skelliewag Tumblr. It includes some extra bits of innovative content not included here.


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