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As a writer, I have spent most of my time reading stuff. It has been many years since a friend recommended that I buy a Kindle and left me wondering whether it is worth it or not.

After some research online, I got my hands on the Paperwhite version and have been using it ever since and it is time to talk about my experience with this device.

Is Kindle Worth it? Are physical books better than Kindle? Do you need a Kindle? Is Kindle safe for kids? If you are thinking about all these questions and wondering whether you should invest in a regular book, an iPad, or Kindle, look no further as I am here with this detailed guide. So, don’t waste more time, and let’s get in.

What is a Kindle? How Does It Work?

What is a Kindle How Does It Work

You are here, which means you would have a clear idea of how it works. But still, for the sake of some newbies, I would begin this text by telling you how Kindle works. In simple words, it is an e-reading platform that comes in different forms, like smartphones and tablets.

The displays of these have a special type of e-ink that mimics the look of a real physical book and provides you with a realistic experience.

Although they are used for online reading, they are great for the reader’s eyes and offer an amazing experience. The e-ink is easy on the eyes and allows readers to enjoy endless reading for consecutive long hours, without any interruption.

If you are a reader who generally wants to read some books yet does not want the burden of heavy books or requires convenience, this application might work for you.

Another thing that makes Kindle unique and stands out among competitors is its ability to store hundreds of books on different subjects and topics.

Different versions further allow you to convert any type of text into an e-book and readers can buy these texts at comparatively cheaper prices. Similarly, it is quite small and can be taken everywhere, which makes it great for traveling by public transport.

Let’s Get to Know Some Finances Like How Much It Costs?

kindle finances

Now, the cost of the Kindle comes down to the cost of the variant you are using. Now, it ranges from $89 to $200 for basic and top-end plans respectively.

Well, I usually prefer using the Fire Tablet as it is relatively cheaper than the other ones yet has additional features for readers to enjoy. Here are some basic plans that you can look into for your requirements;

  • Basic Kindle that provides you with 8 GB storage for just $89.
  • Kindle Paperwhite provides you with 8/ 32 GB storage for just $132/ $189
  • Kindle Oasis provides you with 8/ 32 GB storage for just $249/ $279
  • Kindle Fire Tabs provide you with 32 GB storage for just $159.
  • Kindle Kids provide you with 8GB storage for just $109.

When it comes to the e-ink version, this one comes with three different plans, including basic Kindle, Paperwhite, and Oasis. The most popular among these is the Kindle Paperwhite signature edition as it has auto-adjustments, lights, a charging facility, and extra 32GB storage.

Then, there is the Amazon Kids Kindle which has a free trial and works great for beginners. All in all, the prices may vary according to the place from which you are using.

Now that you know the cost of different Kindle versions, it is also important to know what the return on investment is. In simple words, it means how much money you can save while purchasing some books.

As I have used a Kindle Paperwhite, let’s talk about this. On average, it costs readers around $139 and the question is how many books can I purchase to save this exact amount?

Here, the stats are quite simple. In the Kindle edition, each book is at least $6.8 cheaper than the original hardcover of the book and $5.5 cheaper than the original paperback. Therefore, for readers to save the original amount, it is ideal that you purchase a total of 20 hardcovers and 25 paperbacks each time.

It is in general terms and readers can customize it as per their requirements. For instance, not every book you are going to buy will have a hardcover or paperback version.

Why I Picked the Kindle Paperwhite?

Kindle PaperWhite

I particularly felt comfortable using the Kindle Paperwhite version, primarily because it has a better navigation setup and a suitable plan. This helped me in getting all sorts of books and a new library card with which the entire reading process was made easy.

A fun tip I would give you is to get your version on certain discounts or prime days as it can save you quite a lot of money. I got mine for half the price on Black Friday and found no difficulty in the entire buying process.

Similarly, the reason why I particularly like the Kindle Paperwhite better than the others is the fact that it is loaded with features. It includes adjustable warm light, better screen resolution, gentle backlighting, and adjustable font size that make the entire experience customizable.

Also, it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about reading at calm places like Lakesides. Despite being affordable, this version has an annotation function that has made it quite convenient for me to research for my writing projects.

The Reading Experience on the Kindle E-Reader

I would like to talk about my personal experience with Kindle. Given that I had minimal experience with e-reading platforms, switching to Kindle was not as challenging as I had thought at first.

There were no issues with the glare and everything was quite simple, from the screen display to finger taps and looking up for annotations. The first thing that attracted me to Kindle was its small size. This is because I usually travel on public transport and stuffing this in my backpack has been absolutely easy.

Now that I have been using it for quite some time, it is safe to say that using a Kindle is much better than a physical book or even an iPad. This is because of the fact that it has a large library and wide range of books, needless to say, a large battery life that makes reading easy and fun.

If you are concerned about the environment, it is equally great that using an e-reader is eco-friendly as it doesn’t use ink or paper. All being said, it is quite cheaper than other options across the board.

What I Really Like About Kindle?

Well, although the list of things I like is uncountable and cannot be explained in just some points. Still, to give you an idea of how my experience with the Kindle Paperwhite was, I have shared some of its functions that can guide you whether it is for you or not. So, dive right in for more.

  • It is Really Small and Travel-Friendly: the first and foremost thing I would appreciate as a reader is its small size. I have always enjoyed traveling trips, but the burden of keeping books with me has been immense. The good news is that it is absolutely great for traveling by public transport. It doesn’t take up any space and can be stuffed in a backpack.
  • You Don’t have to have a Library: As an avid reader, I have always been carrying a load of books and setting up libraries. Hence, with Kindle, I was able to get Overdrive software to keep all my books, which has always been great. It also clears out any mess of dealing with late fees, alarms, and book returns. Getting this feature has been the wisest decision of my life.
  • I Could Read It Anywhere, Everywhere: the fact that it has a backlighting option makes it great for all places, even in the dark. The fact that the light is gentle makes it great for the eyes as well. Similarly, I was also able to get the desired font size for different books.
  • You Also Get a Family Library: Some Kindle versions also allow you to connect it with other Amazon accounts. So, all you can combine can have a prime account. These further give you access to many other features.
  • It is Waterproof which means you don’t have to worry about protecting it all the time. I often like to read by the pool and the fact that it is waterproof adds to the peace of mind.
  • It is Great for Eyes: Given that it is for reading books, all Kindle versions have e-ink versions that have low levels of blue light. Hence, you don’t have to deal with harmful emissions, which makes it good for your eyes.
  • Better Battery Life: The thing I loved about Kindle is that it can last for almost a week, even with a single charge. It certainly is better than other online reading alternatives.
  • It has an Annotation Function: As a reader, I can relate to each one of you, when you highlight something or leave a comment for something important and after some time, you look it up and it is not available. The good news is that this Kindle application is best for researchers as it is absolutely easy to look up anything. Readers can also save their annotations for later use, with just a simple keyword search.

What Can Be Improved?

One thing I have always found challenging is navigating through the Kindle library. I think the sorting mechanism and layout of the books can be improved, considering that it supports a massive volume of books.

I have previously used iPhone Software and would say it is a lot better when it comes to scrolling through the large collection of books from the library. While using the Kindle library, I often mix my books and end up missing the exact spot that I was reading before. The organization needs some improvement.

Is a Kindle Better than a Real Physical Book?

kindle book vs physical book

If I were to speak frankly, I would clearly admit that it is undoubtedly better than a real book. This is because it is cost-effective, doesn’t take much space, and works for everyone, despite the field.

Although as an old reader who has spent most of her time reading physical books and has felt that there is some sentimental value and attachment associated with physical books, I would still admit that Kindle definitely has better utility and practicality. Here is a quick recap of why I like Kindle better;

  • First of all, it is more affordable than other physical books. Even with the basic plan, you get a storage capacity of 8GB that can store quite a large number of books which justifies its cost.
  • Using a Kindle is much more convenient than a physical book. This is not only because it has a small size but also because it has a simple layout. That being said, if you are a beginner, it can take you some time to get used to it. Still, after some time, this can provide you with a seamless reading experience that is enjoyable as well as time-effective.
  • I personally really like the fact that it is friendly to the environment, primarily because of the fact that you do not require ink or paper that can create massive waste. All you need to have is a wireless charger and Kindle.
  • In addition, it has a large collection of amazing books. I have used hundreds and thousands of books on Kindle, without any interruption. Finding this book is also quite easy and you also don’t have to carry the burden of these in-store books.
  • While I was using physical books, it often frustrated me that I had to wait for the books to arrive, for a few days. However, with Kindle, readers have instant access to the books on the device and as soon as you pay for the book, you have the book on the device.

Is Kindle Better than an iPad?

Kindle Vs iPad

Many people also wonder whether the iPad is better than the Kindle. This is because buying an entire device apart from a gadget sounds tempting and appealing. Well, I personally would advise you to go for a Kindle as it is less distracting for readers and provide them with an uninterrupted experience.

On the contrary, if you do not have a device present at the moment that allows you to use the internet, watch videos, web surfing, use Netflix, or take notes, going for an iPad makes much more sense.

Although the decision after all comes to your individual purpose of buying and requirements. If I talk about my personal case, I find no benefit in getting an entire device as most of these tasks can be done with a simple smartphone.

I wouldn’t lie, at first, the idea of buying a proper device tempted me, but after a comparison of pros and cons, it comes down to the point of only getting the Kindle.

Coming to the Important Question: Should You Get a Kindle?

 Should You Get a Kindle

Now, after saying all the things, I would say it all comes down to your personal requirements and the purpose of buying. Here are some scenarios for which investing in Kindle makes much more sense;

  • If you are an avid reader or writer like me who spends most of her/ his time reading books and cannot imagine a life without them, it might make sense that you invest in Kindle.
  • If you have a large collection of books and always find yourself buying new arrivals, it is ideal that you buy the Kindle Paperwhite and get the books whenever you want. This is because it allows you to save quite some money.
  • Similarly, if you travel a lot and have a habit of reading books while traveling, it makes sense that you go for Kindle. This is because it is small, can be stuffed in a backpack, and doesn’t require you to bear extra weight at all.

That being said, for some people, buying a Kindle plan is nothing but a nonsense idea. Here are some scenarios where I wouldn’t recommend getting this equipment;

  • If you are a university student who has no money yet wants to read books, it is not a great idea to go for Kindle. Although it can help you with basic research tasks and some skimming projects, it doesn’t suit proper writing projects and is expensive for you.
  • If you are a member of a book club and participate in discussions, don’t go and buy yourself a Kindle. This is because the annotation system is difficult to navigate through and can end up putting you through even more challenges.

You can also connect your Kindle to a printer.

Final Thoughts

Wondering whether Kindle is worth it? Is Kindle better than an iPad? Do you need to have a Kindle? Is a physical book better than a Kindle? Which Kindle suits your requirements right?

Well, these questions have been bothering quite a lot of readers who are confused about their opinion of this e-reading equipment. I am saying this because it bothered me at the start as well.

This detailed text is based on my honest opinion and what I have experienced with this tool. Finally, I hope this guide can help you in making the right decision of either investing in Kindle or not.

People Also Ask

Should I get a Regular Kindle or a Kindle Paperwhite?

Although it depends on your budget and requirements, I would always prefer Kindle Paperwhite. This is because it is loaded with features, including gentle backlighting, LED lights, a customizable library, and unlimited downloads.

Similarly, it is quite small and portable, which makes it a suitable match for traveling. Likewise, there is no glare on the screen which helps you maintain your eye health.

Should I get 32 GB or 8 GB of storage?

Well, it certainly comes to your individual requirements. I would always recommend anyone to go for 8GB storage as it is more than enough. I have been using it ever since and never have noticed it running out.

However, if you prefer audiobooks and need to download all of them at once, 8GB might not work for you and you need to switch to 32GB to make sure it runs smoothly, without any glitches.

Is Kindle suitable for kids?

Yes, Kindle is absolutely great for readers who want to grow their reading habits. That being said, you need to introduce some reservations about it.

I would advise you to go for Kindle Kids as it has a monitor function that allows parents to keep a check on what their kid is up to. It further has an option of a family account with which you can have a proper account of the activity.

Can I give a Kindle to some people?

The answer to this question would be an absolute yes. I would 100% recommend you gift this to any loved one who enjoys reading. You can also get a cute Amazon card and card-on discount if you specifically buy this as a card. All in all, it will make a well-thought and warm gift and will make that person appreciate you more.

Which Kindle should you buy?

It certainly comes down to your individual requirements. For instance, if you want to save money yet enjoy some fun features, Kindle Paperwhite is suitable for you. Apart from this, for anyone who likes to enjoy audiobooks, the Signature Edition might work well.

On the contrary, for kids, the Amazon Kindle Kids version would be my recommendation. Just make sure that the specific version is a perfect match for you.

Is Kindle really worth it?

If you are an avid reader who always finds him/ herself going and reading through books, Kindle is certainly worth it. It is an affordable alternative for people who want to have access to downloaded books at all times. It is not only light but has a large collection of books that allows you to read anywhere and anytime you want.

Do Kindle books expire?

Kindle books do not expire, once you purchase a Kindle book, you own it and can access it indefinitely, as long as you have an active Amazon account and the Kindle app or device. However, some Kindle books may have a time-limited lending feature, which allows other users to borrow them for a certain period.

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