Here are some games like Second Life with similar layouts, content creation, and amazing 3D virtual landscapes for players to enjoy.

Launched in 2003, Second Life was one of its own kind. It was the only popular virtual reality game that got a massive following in no time, for its in-game active financial and social scenarios.

The virtual landscapes and multiplayer mode, needless to say, the content creation element made it an exciting escape for people who want to enjoy themselves on their computer screens.

However, as time progressed, many games with similar layouts and modernized features tend to take place across the market. This has led to the players switching from Second Life to other alternatives.

If you want to update your gameplay to something exciting and thrilling, I am here with these games similar to Second Life that can give you the same fun and social experiences so, let’s get in.

Top 9 Alternatives to Second Life Game

Sometimes I might get tired of this cruel world and want to have a life of my own where I can do anything and have some really good loving friends. That’s why I have made a list of such games.

Without wasting precious time I’m going to show you details of 9 similar games let’s dig into it.

1. Sansar


This virtual reality, the multi-player game is designed by the same developers who launched Second Life. Hence, it has a lot of similarities to the design and concept of the Second Life.

It is undoubtedly a modernized version of the game that has better and expanded scenarios with realistic currencies and meeting platforms. This setup has relatively better content creation tools that attract a lot of players.

In the gameplay, all the scenarios are centered around Atlas where players get started. It has a large number of customizations and themes that reflect its specific cultural heritage.

The scenarios include everything from paradise beaches to film theaters, natural mansions, and sci-fi universes. Similarly, these landscapes and custom events are a leading reason why players are engaging in this game.

Likewise, the gameplay has a different event-based mechanism that allows players to host gatherings. Here, players get a chance to meet with each other and share their rewards with each other.

The streaming rooms further give them an opportunity to meet and greet their fans. Moreover, the avatar is all about customization, so, you can build it, based on your culture, personality, and facial features easily.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: July 31, 2017 (beta version)
  • Platform: It is a VR version of Second Life.
  • Publisher/ Developer: Linden Lab, Sansar Inc.

What I Really Like

  • It has modernized landscapes and expansive locations that attract players.
  • This game app has a massive number of virtual worlds that allows players to pick and choose from.
  • The in-game functions are really attention-grabbing, for instance, the game layout keeps you hooked with their interesting plotlines.

What Can Be Improved

  • Because there are so many virtual worlds, some of them are really deprived of the audience. So, you might find it challenging to find a consistent audience from all across these virtual landscapes.

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2. Mabinogi


Mabinogi is just like Second Life, except for the fact that you are an anime living in your amazing virtual reality. Why I particularly like this one is for the fact that it is loaded with features and allows players to customize each and everything to their liking.

The concept of this gameplay is based on character development and the quest for certain items. It further allows players to connect with each other.

The game starts with Erinn who is the main anime protagonist and is starting off its journey across the world. Here, it will face considerable challenges, meet new people, and will go through some quests and challenges.

The players are given many talents and skills like combat, power, magic, transformation, and much more that allow them to make the entire experience thrilling and exciting.

Similarly, its combat style makes it stand out among competitors. One thing that particularly excites the players is its attention to detail. Hence, at first, you may get frustrated, but with time, you will love playing this at all times. In addition, the different plotlines and stories keep you hooked.

Players also get to do part-time jobs, so they can live comfortably within the gameplay, apart from the main combat.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: June 22, 2004
  • Platform: web browser, mobile, and Windows
  • Publisher/ Developer: Nexon Korea, DevCAT

What I Really Like

  • It allows players to live two lives, one based on combat and the other to live in a society based on their currency.
  • The combat setup is unique and gives specific attention to detail, which players usually love.
  • The rebirth mechanism allows players to use their specific set of skills to pass through quests and challenges.

What Can Be Improved

  • The progress in this game can be a bit slow and does not support a large community of players.

3. Avakin Life

Avakin Life

This game is the lite version of Second Life, and it is available for Android, iOS, and web browsers. In simple words, this gameplay is centered around meeting people, creating items, and enjoying different scenarios.

It is inspired by the people living in city life, so most of the options you have for your avatar are around music, hip-hop, street fashion, and underground looks.

Speaking of the scenarios, you get to pick and choose your home and its accessories. You can find multiple options like Hollywood style, classic homes, and flats. In these homes, players get to do things like singing, decorating different items, designing, and much more.

Although there is not much activity to do regarding the objectives, you still can make friends and enemies.

Another thing that makes this game a huge success among so many people is its private chat rooms. Here. you can get engaged with friends as well as romantic partners.

You can further enjoy your time with virtual pets. To survive in the game, you can find daily jobs, earn some real-time money, and get virtual achievements.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: December 2013
  • Platform: Android, iOS, and web browser
  • Publisher/ Developer: Lockwood Publishing

What I Really Like

  • In this game, players get to live their normal life and enjoy just a casual virtual experience.
  • The avatar is customizable and allows players to pick and choose from hip-hop, classic Hollywood style, and street fashion themes.
  • The user interface is quite easy to handle, even for beginners.

What Can Be Improved

  • The progress in this game is painfully slow and has no in-game combats.

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4. IMVU Instant Messaging Virtual Universe

IMVU Instant Messaging Virtual Universe

IMVU is yet another game like Second Life that not only has a virtual reality setup but also has chat rooms that allow players to get connected to each other.

This game is all about meeting new people, customizing your avatars, overcoming challenges, and creating new items here and there. Similarly, it is absolutely free for both mobile apps and browsers which is the reason for the large audience it supports.

First of all, the user interface is quite easy to use, even for beginners. It accepts every application between 13 and 24 years, so you can expect to come across players of different ages.

That being said, it asks players for some personal information, hence, it is safe to say that you want to find scammers. Players can also switch to premium to enjoy live streams and unlock some different scenarios.

Speaking of the layout, it has a number of 3D features that allow players to create different items and earn from them. Based on the currency you get from selling them, you can afford to live in the scenarios and build some weapons for combat.

Here, it further supports customizable 3D avatars that can easily catch your motions, facial features, and hairstyles, so you can reflect yourself in the game.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: April 2004
  • Platform: Windows, Android, iOS
  • Publisher/ Developer: Daren Tsui

What I Really Like

  • This game has managed to engage a large community of millions of people with similar interests.
  • There are so many social scenarios to unravel for players.
  • As a player, you can meet people, earn from creating content, and meet your objectives.

What Can Be Improved

  • The content creation and some specific scenarios are only unlocked for members (with subscriptions).

5. Smeet


This virtual reality game works just like a social networking app and allows players to get connected to each other, while they are enjoying the exciting gameplay. It first started off in Germany and has managed to achieve a large audience from all across the world.

What makes it great for casual gamers is its content like farms and pets. All in all, it supports a number of languages.

Speaking of the layout, the concept of this game is based on social experiences. It allows players to match and talk to each other through chats from which they can build an entire community together.

Here, players also have a range of games that they can play together and earn some rewards to build a social life within the game setup. It also supports customizable virtual 3D avatars that always intrigue players.

Lastly, another thing that players like about this game is its vast audience. Although it started off as a Flash game, the developers have broadened its accessibility and now it is available in the majority of the OS.

In the core gameplay. You have a proper society set up with a real currency system and items to buy and sell which makes it interesting. All in all, players can manage chatting and games at the same time.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: 2007
  • Platform: Browser app
  • Publisher/ Developer: Smeet Communications GmbH

What I Really Like

  • It supports a number of languages and has an audience from all across the world.
  • This game provides players with a strong social experience, where they can build up new content and can get connected to their friends.
  • It has a large community from all across the world, with minimal glitches.

What Can Be Improved

  • Mobile applications don’t work the best.

6. Club Cooee

Club Cooee

If you like virtual reality games and want to connect to real-time, in-game players, Club Cooee has got you covered. It has the most exciting core gameplay that includes everything from avatar customizations to chatrooms and social setups.

Over time, this game has been able to attract a large community of gamers from all across the world.

The first thing that attracts players to this game is its core design. It has a number of realistic costumes, personalities, and styles from which they can opt for the right fit for themselves.

I particularly like the high-street fashion and hip-hop references that immediately makes the scenarios exciting. Players also get to decorate the Cooee houses with pictures and music.

Another cool feature of this game is its unique chat rooms. These rooms have around 6000 people and they share their interests from music to fashion and other topics.

They are further allowed to exchange their money to buy things while they are playing the game. You also get to share different home items like furniture and clothes with your friends to share expenses while you are living in the game.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: 2007
  • Platform: Windows, Android, iOS
  • Publisher/ Developer: Alexander Jorias

What I Really Like

  • This gameplay has customizable avatars (with different styles, personalities, and their own facial features).
  • The chatrooms allow players to get connected to their new friends and share different memories.
  • Players get to decorate their rooms and houses with music and other items available.

What Can Be Improved

  • Purchases are restricted in case you are playing a free version.

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7. Twinity


Like any other good virtual game like Second Life, this game allows you to live your new virtual life as you like. Twinity is all about customizing your virtual reality and going through different scenarios.

The vibrant metropolitan cities of Berlin, New York, and many others make it one of the best-selling simulation games that can catch the audience’s attention for quite some time.

This game starts off with a residential area that has a number of historical versions of what different popular cities used to look like. It further has 3D customizable avatars that allow you to update your profile photo. Hence, the avatar uses a similar picture and makes the entire experience even more exciting.

Similarly, another thing that makes it interesting is its user-created content. Here, you can sell these creations and buy some rewards to survive in these cities.

Buying options include everything from clothes to furniture and apartments, with real-time cash. Hence, you can set up a virtual home and experience the best virtual life ever across fast-paced metro cities.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: September 2008
  • Platform: Window
  • Publisher/ Developer: ExitReality

What I Really Like

  • It has unusual PhotoFit technology that allows users to create their own 3D avatars. These are designed for their own special facial features.
  • It has a simple setup for content creation, which suits many beginners.
  • Users have real cash with which they can buy new things and set up a life in metro cities.

What Can Be Improved

  • The game has some 3D in-game glitches that annoy some players.

8. Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe

The Planet Calypso is just like Second Life, yet has some sci-fi fun that players really enjoy. This gameplay is just filled with content creation, a large community, and a number of mechanics that are responsible for keeping the players hooked.

It also has real-time currency and a reward system that keeps the driver intact for you.

It first started off with only one planet and has now expanded to over a dozen planets of the Entropia Universe. Hence, in this sci-fi world, you have so much to explore.

All these scenarios are customizable and allow you to do multiple things, based on particular interests. This includes craft items, singing vehicles, hunting monsters, and much more. Overall, all the scenarios are absolutely realistic.

Another thing that has made this game build a large community is its WASD movement scheme. This has no glitches and has swift moves that make the multiplayer modes quite interesting.

The combat has a massive amount of weapons that players use to hunt enemies, animals, and other species to earn rewards. These include armor, weapon attachments, and grenades that keep you hooked.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: January 30, 200
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Publisher/ Developer: MindArk
  • It has a multiplayer mode.

What I Really Like

  • You have plenty of things to do from mining to crafting, hunting, and much more from which you can earn to survive in the gameplay.
  • This gameplay has dozens of planets that allow players to pick and choose.
  • The combat is really interesting for the innovative and deadly weapons it has.

What Can Be Improved

  • It is a bit challenging for newcomers as it has some technical complexities.

9. Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod

Last but not least on this list of games like Second Life is this Garry’s Mod. All in all, this gameplay is an ultimate sandbox concept with a massive amount of customizable functions that keep the players hooked.

One thing that makes it stand out among competitors is its source game engine which has been consistently popular for almost a decade. Likewise, it has managed to sell almost a million copies through live streams.

To get started with this game, you need to purchase its source engine. Given that it is a sandbox physics game, as a player, all you have to expect are challenges and objectives.

Players also get a number of items with which they can change the layout of the scenarios to confuse others and achieve the target first. Here, you also get some parts and pieces that can be added together to make some useful tools like guns.

When it comes to avatars, the thing that keeps players intrigued the whole time is Garry’s Mod’s extras. These come in different shapes and poses that allow you to change your avatars in different weird yet interesting forms.

You can also share your gaming experience with fans and followers using the live stream option. Overall, the multiplayer mode is absolutely great for people who like communicating while playing.

Some Insights

  • Release Date: 29 November 2006
  • Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Publisher/ Developer: Facepunch Studios, Valve
  • Designer: Garry Newman

What I Really Like

  • This gameplay has a number of modes and creations that makes it quite interesting.
  • The players get to create each and every item with a simple physics application.
  • The concept is based on achieving objectives and overcoming challenges.

What Can Be Improved

  • It requires time and cost investment to play this game.

Final Thoughts

In the end, given that Second Life is not as popular as it used to be, many players are looking for alternatives that suit their pellet best.

If you are one of them, there are multiple options you can consider across the board that have a similar layout, content creation, and amazing 3D virtual landscapes for players to enjoy. Finally, I hope these games like Second Life can help you in choosing the right match.

People Also Ask

What do you do in Second Life?

Second Life is a virtual reality game that has a number of 3D scenarios and avatars that get to do crazy stuff, like hunting animals, meeting people, mining, crafting, and much more. Players get to customize their avatars and their homes. Similarly, it supports multiplayer modes which means you are interacting with other players in real time.

What is the best alternative to Second Life?

IMU or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is one of the best alternatives you can find to Second Life. The game supports multiple scenarios and allows players to get connected to each other. It is about meeting people and creating content from which they can earn rewards and money. The combat is also fascinating in the way that it has innovative and deadly weapons to fight the enemy.

Is Second Life still a thing in 2023?

Because so many other virtual reality games have entered the industry with similar layouts, Second Life has been losing its players. As of Feb 2022, it only had players between 40,000 and 50,000. The Linden Lab has also announced that they will be closing down some scenarios including the LEA region within the game.

Which is better IMVU or Second Life?

When comparing IMVU and Second Life, it’s important to note that both platforms offer unique features and experiences. While Second Life’s virtual world boasts a good graphic style, IMVU is recognized for its exceptional realistic graphics.

In fact, IMVU was ranked as the “Best Virtual World Game for Realistic Graphics” by Lifewire in 2020, and it truly deserves this recognition. If you are looking for a platform that prioritizes socializing and connecting with other users, IMVU is a great option.

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