Headlines can make or break a story, that’s why giving you the guide for 24 clickable headline formulas that have plagued and blessed for attracting users.

With thousands of different articles vying for our attention, web users can afford to be picky.

In an ideal world, we’d give articles a fighting chance to prove their worth, but in truth, unless we have pre-existing faith in the author, we often make the decision to read or ignore before our eyes have reached the end of the headline.

How to Write Headlines That Attract Users?

How to Write Headlines That Attract Users

Web content writers have only recently, it seems, started to realize the crucial importance of the headline. 

The ascendancy of the headline has been one aspect of Web 2.0 and now web 3.0 culture that hasn’t received the attention it deserves. But now in recent google updates bloggers are paying attention to the headline optimization score as well.

Years before only copywriters use this trick but now content writers are also optimizing their headlines for better CTR (Click Through Rate). You can use Storybase CTR booster and checking Tool which can also help in converting users to subscribers. I will guide you on how you can benefit from it.

Step 1:

Write a catchy headline into the box, in your own niche using the examples given below.

storybase headline checker

Step 2:

It will show the score of your headline and how clickable it is on a scale of 1 – 100.

score of your headline

Step 3:

Increase your score by adding more clickable words to the headline. A score above 80% is great.

score above 80

If you want to increase above 90, you need to add a meta description as well.

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Headline Formula Examples To Learn From

This post is a tour of the key web headline formulas being used today. All of them are sourced from real examples.

1. The destined for Digg
More than half of Americans – 56 percent – say they’re not proud of the country

2. Because headlines and context don’t mix
‘Microsoft sucks’, says top blogger

3. Is that a threat?
Warning: People are Ignoring Advertising. But They do Read The News. 

4. The love-it or hate-it number + text combo
3 Painful Ways You Lose Money Every Month.

5. Bait for the curious
What’s the scariest fish in the Amazon? Hint: It’s not the Piranha. It’s far, far worse. 

6. The delayed number + text combo
Grip Your Readers With These 7 Knock-out Opening Sentences 

7. The only slightly less loathed/loved ‘written’ number
Five Tips for Stealthy Facebooking 

8. The not-so-secret anymore
Five Secret Strategies to Add $1 Million in Revenue 

9. The number + assertion of superiority
Top 10 Wi-Fi Boosts, Tweaks, and Apps 

10. The savvy link baiter
45 Excellent Blog Designs 

11. The resource list you’ll bookmark and never look at again
40+ Free Fonts for Professional Design 

13. The sensational claim only a member of the bloggerati could make
The Web 3.0 World is Skunk-Drunk on its Own Kool-Aid 

14. The splog ger’s magnum opus
Welcome to the World of the Slim People 

15. The subjective masquerading as objective
TIME: The Best Photos of 2023 

17. The search-term as headline
How to Hack an iPod

18. The keyword stuffer
Monetize Your Blog With These Ways to Make Money Online Monetize Your Blog

19. The troubling question
Are You Prepared for a Blogging Emergency? 

20. The amateur philosopher
Two Phrases That Destroyed American Culture 

21. The harsh call
Most People Are Depressed For a Very Good Reason 

22. Google + intrigue = traffic
Dr. Google Sends Pain Relief 

23. The mysterious premise
5 HTML Elements You Probably Never Use (But Perhaps Should) 

24. The self-improver
How to Become a Vegetarian, the Easy Way 

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People Also Ask

How do you know if a headline is effective?

Well-crafted headlines are designed for quick comprehension and understanding. Your headline should effectively summarize the core concept of the article. It should provide readers with a clear understanding of its contents.

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