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  • Zen Habits Redesign: The 7 Question Simplicity Review

    Zen Habits Redesign: The 7 Question Simplicity Review

    Yesterday popular self-improvement blog Zen Habits launched its first redesign. It’s a blog I read regularly and one I know many readers also enjoy. The redesign was crafted by one of my favorite blog designers and an all-around nice guy, Collis Ta’eed. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do something I’ve been waiting to do for […]

  • What Works: Freelance Switch

    What Works: Freelance Switch

    This week I want to take an in-depth look at Freelance Switch, a blog for freelancers. I think this site is worth examining because it’s experienced the kind of rapid growth we all dream of: from 0 to more than 10,000 subscribers in under four months. I’ll be looking at the site first and foremost from […]

  • Weekly Swipe file

    Weekly Swipe file

    The Swipe file is an opportunity for me to share great web ideas I’ve encountered during the week, and to explain how these ideas could be used as inspiration for our own content. This week’s Swipe file contains five items. Two of them are great reads, and three of them feature some impressive innovation. Three […]

  • Find New Readers in Forums

    Find New Readers in Forums

    We create content in order to share it with others. We want those others to be both numerous and engaged in what we’ve created. Forums and message boards offer us an opportunity to reach many new readers who are actively engaged in the topics we write about. Unfortunately, making effective use of forums to find […]

  • Escape The Echo Chamber

    Escape The Echo Chamber

    It’s hard to find web content which does not, at least to some degree, fall trap to the echo chamber effect. When inside this mental echo chamber we create content that echoes other content or is derivative of it, direct readers to other people’s work instead of our own, link out only to viewpoints and […]