MeetMe has managed to build a large community in no time. This is because it offers an exciting dating experience to its users. From live streams to unique chat rooms, video chat, and finding the right matches, it has everything a good social networking app has.

Yet, if you are bored of MeetMe like seeing the same people every day, and want to experience something similar yet interesting, look no further. I am here with my list of apps like MeetMe that allow users to get connected to people from across the world. So, die right in.

Top 15 MeetMe Alternatives

Here are some apps like MeetMe that have fun chat rooms, video snaps, and live streaming for people to get connected to their dates. For example, if one person does not respond to you on meet me then he can be available or a better person can available in another app and both can have fun together.

1. Waplog

Just like MeetMe, this app has a large community of over 90M users with which you can connect. In comparison with other options, it is quite easy to access people based on your location and preferences. I also really like the fact that it has absolutely unlimited cheats for users to use carelessly.


The first thing that attracted me to this app is its verified accounts. Hence, people with these accounts are absolutely safe to start dating. You can share a number of memories with the matched people. There is no count to chats, so you can try to connect to as many profiles as you like.

Another plus of this app is that it is usable, irrespective of any language barrier. Here comes Waplog translator that helps you chat with absolutely random strangers. All you need to do is set up a profile with a picture and preferences to make your account reliable and transparent.

What We Really Like

  • It’s great for people who like to date strangers.
  • This app supports live video chats.
  • Users do not have to limit their chats or matches.

2. Lovoo

Of all the networking apps I have used, it can be categorized as the best for its fun chatting. This app has made dating really easy, owing to the fact that you don’t have to deal with the creeps. A fun fact about this application is that it is developed by the same company that launched MeetMe and ever since, has been able to get 50M downloads.


To get started, all you need to do is create a profile. For this, you will have to answer some personal questions and set up a picture. This is to make sure no creeps can get involved. Once you are done, click on the radar and find perfect matches based on your exact location.

Another good news for users is that it is available in two different versions, free and premium. I have personally used the latter one and it has so many fun features, like better access, hiding profile visits, and improved privacy. You will also find no ads, which makes the experience even more fun.

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What We Really Like

  • As a woman, I felt safe because of its reliable privacy setup.
  • It finds reliable matches based on the exact location and preferences.
  • The free version is even better than some competitors’ paid versions.

3. Badoo

Here comes yet another great alternative to meeting people, chatting with them, and connecting with your romantic partners. Similarly, it supports 47 different languages which makes it quite popular. This app has a number of features from chatting to video calls, which makes dating quite transparent.


I particularly like this one because it has definitely great safety standards that make it safe for women. So, if you have posted some intimate pictures, this app will automatically blur them. Also, the fact that it only passes verified accounts makes the entire dating process reliable and honest.

In addition, it is quite similar to MeetMe as it allows all the users to stream live. After setting up a profile, you need to swipe right or left, and once done, begin to chat. The matches are all based on your preference and for a better experience, you can always choose to match verified accounts.

What We Really Like

  • It is really inclusive and allows all users to stream.
  • This app further works like a social media platform.
  • It shows your match based on your specific location.

4. Wink

If you want to connect with strangers, Wink might prove best for you. It has a large community which makes it easy to access new people. It has a collection of features that makes the entire chat more fun and exciting. I really like the customization feature as it lets you define your interests clearly.


To get started, you need to set up a profile. The users are allowed to alter things like bio, add interests, and choose multiple things. So, they can get connected to people they have mutual attraction with. It also has a translator with which you can remove any language barrier pretty effortlessly.

The thing that really fascinated me is its built-in messenger. It allows you to share audio files, stickers, GIFs, and even links to make the chats even more exciting. In addition, this app supports the video chat option, even with the free version.

What We Really Like

  • It has a built-in messenger that makes chatting exciting.
  • The translator removes any language barriers for users.
  • The profile is customizable, so users can find their mutual interests.

You might like similar apps to Klover as well because besides investing time in connecting apps you should invest in yourself as well.

5. Hoop

If you are looking for new friends and want to grow your Snapchat experience, do consider giving Hoop a try. It is a great way to build your company and connect to a large number of friends, irrespective of culture or language barriers. There are also a number of rewards that make the experience thrilling.


The first thing you need to do is set up a profile, with clearly stated interests and preferences. Once done, you can get twenty friends (of the same age and motivations) and share memories. The user interface is quite easy as all users are required to do is swipe right or left for a suitable match.

Similarly, to maintain privacy users are allowed to request their own customized usernames. Users are also not asked to provide location information, so you have your space. The idea of snap dating intrigues many users who are already comfortable with Snapchat and wants to get more of it.

What We Really Like

  • This app has a really easy user interface for beginners.
  • It has a proper setup of security as you do not have to give any location information.
  • Hoop is the best way to make friends from all across the world, irrespective of any culture or language barriers.

6. Wizz

If you are an iPhone user and have limited dating options, this Wizz app has got you covered. It is an instant dating app, as it quickly makes matches and allows you to get connected easily. It is quite exciting as it allows users to share images and videos.


Similarly, this one is a top-rated app because of the fact that it allows users to customize their profile to clearly state their interests. Here, you can find options like writing your own bio, picking multiple pictures, and using unique avatars. This immediately makes it easy to find people with mutual interests.

Another thing that makes it transparent is that it does not allow appropriate content. Similarly, it has a verified account option, so you can find reliable and serious people. The premium version supports other features like live streaming which users can unlock.

What We Really Like

  • It has a simple, easy-to-understand user interface.
  • The chatrooms are intelligent and exciting.
  • This app is better in transparency.

Pro Guidance: Some Telegram Channel groups are also a great place to connect with same-minded people.

7. Yalla

Although it has a bit of an unusual layout, the theoretical concept is just like MeetMe. It works on voice messages, which is quite interesting and allows the conversations to flow naturally. On the whole, it has a large community that supports 50 countries and a wide range of themes to chat on.


The thing that is quite intriguing for users is the chat rooms. These are private setups based on the people you choose to connect to. These rooms support audio files, GIFs, sound options, links, and even files. So, you can endlessly talk with your friends without any filters.

Apart from this, there is so much more to Yalla that you can explore with your friends. This includes playing games, and quizzes, following other people, and sharing virtual gifts. This helps people make real-time friends that are not only restricted to the screen.

What We Really Like

  • This app is great for people who don’t really like typing or prefer talking to friends.
  • It has a number of functions like sharing virtual gifts or playing games.
  • The user interface is absolutely easy to use, with required transparency and safety ensured.

8. Swipr

This online app is designed specifically for teenagers who want to date and was launched in 2020. All you need to do is set up an account and find your matches based on your interests and preferences. As for now, around 30 million people, let alone in the USA, are using this app.


Once the profile is set and you have found your match, this app has a chatroom where you can get started. These are private and allow you to share memories. All in all, these rooms support audio files, stickers, GIFs, and even voice messages to make the conversation unfiltered.

It has the simplest user interface among all the social networking sites I have used. It is quite common among teens for its safety as it only approves verified accounts. Another thing that makes it similar to Swipe is that it finds the matches based on the GPS.

What We Really Like

  • It allows people to find their matches based on their exact location.
  • This application is great for teenagers, as it is transparent and has better security standards.
  • The conversations are quite natural and unfiltered, all thanks to the intelligent chat room designs.

9. Spotafriend

Whether you are looking for a friend or romantic partner, this Spotafriend has got you covered. It is great for locals who want to find the right and transparent date near them. As per the stats, this teenager app has a total of 2M teens who chat and share memories with each other.


First of all, this app has a simple user interface that allows beginners to easily find a match. Hence, all you need to do is swipe either right or left. Likewise, it has a verified account option, which makes it great for teenagers or people who are looking for reliable partners.

The chat rooms are really interesting as they support pictures, audio, video chats, stickers, and even GIFs. The fact that this app is absolutely free makes it quite an amazing alternative. The good thing about this app is that it finds partners based on your GPS.

What We Really Like

  • It is great for teens who want a local date.
  • The chat rooms are quite interesting and exciting.
  • It is absolutely safe for teenagers.

10. Yubo

Yubo is the solution to all your needs as it acts like a social platform as well as a dating app. If you want to get connected to strangers who share the same interests as you, this app is just the right one. Most people prefer this because of the live streaming as it requires no outdoor social skills at all.


Apart from unlimited chats, this platform has a live youtube streaming option. This allows users to share their moments while they are enjoying their favorite videos. It also has a collection of lenses from which you and your friends can choose the same one.

All in all, you can have these video chats with ten other friends, which is a great way to make new friends. In addition, this app supports fun games like quizzes, puzzles, and guessing the right pictures. The chats are inclusive of stickers, audio files, and GIFs for a better experience.

What We Really Like

  • This app has live video chat options.
  • Youtube has partnered with the company to allow users to stream while they are on a video chat.
  • It is great for people who want to get connected to strangers.

11. Ablo

Ablo is just like MeetMe, given that it lets people connect with strangers from all across the world. It has absolutely no culture or language barriers, so it doesn’t matter whether your friend is from Australia or Africa. All in all, this app is great for unfiltered starter conversations.


To get started on Ablo, you have to watch some videos that are appealing to your taste. Then, based on your interests, you can choose the right kind of people to chat with. It supports types and voice messages, along with GIFs and links, making the experience quite exciting.

According to the stats, it is quite popular in around 180 countries and has been successful in creating almost 50,000 friendships per month. The entire setup is quite transparent, so there are no issues of safety. Finally, the language translator helps you build intercultural friends.

What We Really Like

  • You can make friends from all across the world, based on your interests.
  • It has no cultural or language barrier and people can interact easily.
  • This app is great for people who want their first-time conversations to go smoothly.

12. Tinder

Tinder is by far the most popular dating app like MeetMe. It is absolutely great for people who want to find their perfect match, based on their preferences and location. As of now, a total of 70 billion people across the world are using this application.


This app is great for people who are looking for transparent local dates. The process is quite easy and all you are required to do is swipe either right or left. Once you are done matching, you can proceed toward messaging and video chats, even with a free version.

Similarly, there is so much to the premium version. This includes features like Instagram integration, Snapchat filters, face-to-face video chats, and much more. The Tinder Gold also can match previous dates in case you have lost them for whatever reason.

What We Really Like

  • It is quite easy to use.
  • Tinder Gold makes the dating experience exciting.
  • You can get emergency assistance by using the panic button.

If you have decided to use Tinder then I can give you some amazing Tinder tips that can work really well for you.

13. Bumble

Bumble works just like Tinder and has managed to build a large community in no time. It started off as an app to cater to the strict rules of dating and then transformed itself into a networking site. As per the stats, it has been able to build 55 million people, which is quite similar to Tinder.


It is for people who want to find local matches based on their preferences and interests. The chatrooms are also really exciting as users can video chat and share pictures with each other. Apart from this, it also has a number of fun games, quizzes, and streams that friends can enjoy together.

What We Really Like

  • The user interface is really easy for beginners.
  • It is great for women as you have the option to select the category (whether you are looking for a romantic partner or a BFF).
  • It has better safety standards.

14. Camsurf

Camsurf is yet another app like MeetMe. It is massively popular for its video chatting function with strangers which makes it quite interesting and fun. So, whether you want a date, or to find new friends, this social networking app has got you covered.


All you need to do is set up a webcam and your profile and find matches, based on your preferences. It is absolutely free, so you can get access to all the features. It is quite safer than other video chatting alternatives because it has verified accounts.

What We Really Like

  • The concept of video snapping is quite exciting.
  • The app is quite safe for people who want a date.
  • It is absolutely free.

15. Tagged

Last but not least on my list of apps like MeetMe is this Tagged. It is a social networking app that allows people to meet online, without any burden of memberships and monthly fees. Let alone for Androids, this app has managed to get over 100000 users which is quite successful.


One thing that gives it an edge is the fact that it is absolutely safe. The algorithm is designed to monitor sex offenders and scammers who might cause some harm. The chatrooms are also really exciting as they allow users to video chat and share GIFs.

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What We Really Like

  • It is absolutely free to download.
  • All users have the option to stream live.
  • The collection of stickers makes it even more fun.

Bottom Line

In the end, if you are looking for some similar options for whatever reason, consider this list as it has a number of popular options that can provide you with an amazing dating experience.

They are just like MeetMe in the sense that they are loaded with features, including fun chat rooms, video snaps, live streaming, and much more. If you want to give dating apps a try, do give one of these options a try.

People Also Ask

What is a sister app like MeetMe?

Tinder is a dating app, quite similar to Meet Me. It is designed to help people find the right match, based on their interests and location. It has a large community that is all verified, so users don’t have to bother with scammers. As of now, over 70 billion people are currently using this service.

What is the MeetMe app?

MeetMe is an online dating app that allows people to get connected and find their romantic partners. As per the statistics, this app is being used by 100 million people. The concept is user-friendly and intelligent for people who want local dates. Similarly, it is quite transparent and has a minimal number of scammers.

What is the best app to meet someone?

There are a number of apps you can find to get connected to someone. Lovoo is an app that allows users to find their friends or romantic partners. Similarly, it has many fun features, like better access, hiding profile visits, and improved privacy.

Is MeetMe for friends or dating?

MeetMe is a social networking app that is primarily used for making new friends, but it also has features that make it possible to use it for dating. The app allows users to create a profile, search for other users, and engage in conversations with them. The app’s main focus is on helping users connect with other people in their area, with the option to find friends, dates, or even long-term relationships.

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